Research and Development

Project Design and R & D department aim to satisfy customers with their experienced engineering and technical staff while using technical design and other equipments with their wide technical drawing archives. 

The use of the latest techniques within design is a requirement of Elpa’s quality policy. From the beginning of the concept phase to the final product, it is aimed to get high efficiency with using modern computer aided design (CAD-CAM) programs.


Mechanical Manufacturing

Mechanical manufacturing processes were directly linked to man power.  However; as technology increases every single day, technological changes forced ELPA to apply automation system. Therefore; CNC machines are used to increase the efficiency of the production operators and to reduce the costs within ELPA.


Paint Shop

In order to protect our products from corrosion, and creating a good visual for Medium Voltage Metal Clad panels, sheet metal, copper bar and connection equipments, RAL 7035 Grey coloured paint is applied with electrostatic powder painting technique. To avoid circumstances which will be an obstacle to paint and accelerate the corrosion;

  • Degreasing,
  • First Rinse,
  • Phosphating,
  • Final Rinse,

processes are applied respectively.


Assembly Unit

Within this section, steel parts are assembled with respect to the drawings which are done by experienced electrical engineers. As ELPA aims to manufacture the best product in first time, quality control employees take part within every single process.


After Sales

As ELPA has the awareness of that the manufacturing is not limited with products, we always provide both supervision and technical support to our customers after sales. It is essential to provide maximum support to our customers with both on-site training and technical guidance.


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