Quality Policies

From its foundation to present Elpa by tracing the latest technology is continuously updating its products for keeping the production and product technology in national and international high quality. As a result of the importance that we have given to our quality policy the products of our company has obtained the type test certificates from the recognized test laboratories in a successful manner.  Today Elpa in one of the prominent production companies that has been recognized throughout Turkey and in abroad.

We aim to act in line with both integrated management system and legal requirements, which we have established from our vision, mission, principles and values. It lets us to contribute the sustainable development for our stakeholders.

In This Direction;

  • We aim to provide and develop new systems which ensures occupational health and safety,
  • We focus to protect national environment and be respectful to human and nature,
  • We aim to decrease the waste, and the usage of national resources. Also, we aim to increase the recycling,
  • We focus to increase cooperation with organised industrial site, neighbour companies and authorised institutions for occupational health and safety,
  • Manufacturing our product perfectly in the first time with respect to the national and international standards,
  • To provide customer satisfaction, we aim to be customer-driven company and provide products with respect to customer needs and expectations,
  • We provide sustainability in terms of addressing customer complaints and expectations,
  • Improving our product with respect to technological developments,
  • Managing urgent situations immediately and providing required resources,
  • Increasing the awareness of our employees with training them with respect to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards and applying “EYS” effectively are promised by ELPA.


Our vision is to become a pioneer manufacturing company within the electricity sector with our quality product policy and innovative perspective, which enables us to reach our position as Elpa, and to sell our products in all countries.


Our mission is to devote ourselves to humans and nature with our high-quality products as it must be in each sector. Our most important purpose is to make positively contribution to our employees, country and world.


  • Quality
  • Sustainable Future
  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

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