High Quality Standards

ELPA is manufacturing and servicing high quality energy distribution products in accordance with international standards.

40 Years Experience

As Elpa we have proved our power and quality in 19 countries so far in our energy distribution products with our 40 years of experience.


We manufacture and service energy distribution products superior to our test certificates, which we have obtained from independent test laboratories with international validity.

ELPA 36 kV 25-31.5 kA Earthing Switch

ELPA ESG Capacitive Voltage Inducator

Transformer Kiosk

36 kV Metal Clad ED35

12 kV Metal Clad ED15

36 kV Metal Clad DT36

12 kV Metal Clad DT12

Elpa Ltd

The Pioneer of the Sector

From its foundation to present Elpa by tracing the latest technology is continuously updating its products for keeping the production and product technology in national and international high quality. As a result of the importance that we have given to our quality policy the products of our company has obtained the type test certificates from the recognized test laboratories in a successful manner. Today Elpa in one of the prominent production companies that has been recognized throughout Turkey and in abroad.

We aim to act in line with both integrated management system and legal requirements, which we have established from our vision, mission, principles and values. It lets us to contribute the sustainable development for our stakeholders.

Years Experience

We are at Your Service in 19 Countries

We have proved our quality, experience and power with our products within 19 countries. We continue to become a leading manufacturing company in the electricity sector and to sell our products in all countries with our quality product policy and innovative perspective.


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